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Project 175 Brighton College

The table below picks a few key issues but the challenges are constant and will continue until completion of the project.




Issue 1


The appointed Architect from the Netherlands had the vision but previous experience with off-shore Architects lead to concerns that the ability to complete a detailed design might be less than satisfactory.

Strategy 1


Appoint a detailing Architect to be novated to the design and build contractor to complete the stage 4 design.

Review 1


Generally, very successful, the detail Architect has integrated with the whole team including the off- shore Architect

Issue 2


The facade was unusual and technically complex and possibly unbuildable.

Strategy 2


Instigate a PCSA with a specialist contractor.

Review 2


Successful in that the viability of the project was established.


Limited success in that the relationship with the specialist did not survive the tender process.

Issue 3


The client had limited understanding of the detailed workings of a theatre.

Strategy 3


A programme of site visits was undertaken to deepen the Clients understanding and refine the brief to retain a degree of practicality in the overall design.

Review 3


The client brief was updated and reasonable expectations established within the Client group and appointed consultants.

Issue 4


Integration of acoustics and other theatre specific issues.

Strategy 4


Consultant selection was informed by their Theatre experience.

Review 4


So far so good.

Issue 5


Ensuring a quality build with a contractor with the potential to negotiate other future projects.

Strategy 5

There is always a tension between a market facing price and the desire to select the best contractor.


A process was designed to negotiate a tender price in a staged and managed way relating the costs to the cost plan and also monitoring the open book information.

Review 5


The process was successful although a number of other challenges presented themselves in terms of dealing with inflation and other risk issues, which were subject of further negotiations.

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